Road Trip Series-At work Part 2

Lets continue our series shall we?  After my grandmother retired…she never stopped serving and that’s the story I want to tell.  She was quite the go getter I admired her spirit and ability to be selfless.  After leaving Beecham she joined the Senior Aid Program.  She was too funny!  Her assignment through the Senior Aid program was the Salvation Army.  What What? We love the thrift store!!!!!!!  We were in hog heaven I was so excited for her because she loved the thrift store and EVERYTIME we got together we hit the thrift store!  So here is part 2 of Heart at Work.




The Daily Stories Collection had large fonts so I used it to my advantage.  I used a file folder to contain the Base Layer of the layout.  To break up the diagonal background I used a banner tail and a few layers.  Wrapped it all up with some twine.



My journaling is in the inside but not private….I put the word open on the tab.  You also could have hid the journaling behind the file folder.  TIP: Don’t be afraid to use file folders on your pages.


I wanted to make sure the elements make sense to the story I am trying to tell.  Big Heart, True and You.  Here are a few





Happy Memory Making!







Custom Wedding Photo Sleeve

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer…..he was my wedding photographer as well.  He and I collaborated on a beautiful project.  As he gives the newly married couple their wedding memories he wanted to deliver the photos in a handmade sleeve.  Here is the sleeve:

CD Sleeve

The couples wedding was elegant and neutral. I hope the card reflected their special day.


Pretty inside

This was a fun project and I hope the total package delighted the newlyweds.



Road Trip Series-Heart at Work


Welcome to the second layout in my Road Trip Series!  My grandmother had the heart of a servant and was a great example of servitude.  She had a big heart and such a spirit of forgiveness.  I titled this layout  Heart at work to reflect her spirit. Grandmama worked at Beecham Memorial Hospital for as […]

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Road Trip Series-Going Postal


Over the Summer my husband took me on a much needed healing road trip.  I had not seen my mom in a while so the trip started with her.  Off to Memphis we headed and surprised her for Mothers Day.  It was great we arrived in the middle of the night hoping not to wake […]

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Kim’s Bridal Shower

Whew September is here…where did the summer go?  I don’t know about you but I was all over the place!  Spending time with family, road trips, events all the things that can keep us too busy to document our memories.  I have a backlog of stories to tell…and not a ton of time.  How do […]

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Celebrate Your 1st Apartment


  Greetings!   I know it seems like I have been away for ever!  I have been here!  However I have not forgotten you.  I will have tons to show u….promise.  I want to share a custom request I received and I really enjoyed it.  I was asked to make a 1st apartment card.  Perfect….it […]

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Beale Street


Hello!!!! How are you paper Goddess’s doing?  I am great and I have been crafting, DIY-ing and all sorts of things this summer.  Summer time always is a challenge for me..I want to enjoy the festivities but I also want to hibernate an MAKE!  Grr…so Torn!  When visiting my Mom we had always heard about […]

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Mr and Mrs Hopkins


Greetings!!! I have been a busy bee!  I haven’t been memory keeping over the last few weeks as I had some other projects underway but this week was dedicated to scrappin. Now off to what is going on with this title right?  Yea!  Scraps of Color posts weekly challenges and this week is all Weddings […]

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Happy Fathers Day


Hello, It’s Fathers Day here in the United States, a day where Dads are honored and remembered.   I wanted to share a layout I complete a few weeks back as a design team project.  My husband and stepson are thick as thieves and this layouts shares a few things that show A Fathers Love. Here’s […]

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Things I am Lovin’


Hi! Just wanted to drop in a share some Things I am Lovin’ PaperClipping RoundTable-this is the best scrapbooking podcast!  Noelle and Izzzy her husband produce a quality show packed full with industry teachers and leaders.  Their picks of the week segment is just fantastic. Check it out.   Jillibean Soup Mini Placemats-I just love […]

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